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Things I do because I’m stupid:

  • Start new things when I’m overwhelmed
  • Take over a week to get to a message
  • Like/Draft your reply and take 600 billion years to reply
  • Accidentally lose a thread and be too shy to ask for it
  • Accidentally lose an ask while we were plotting
  • Never talk to you

Things I do even though I don’t hate you: 

  • Everything on that list
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False Deck || my-more-colorful-moniker


"And that was how long ago, my dear?  Centuries, if memory serves.  I bear no ill will toward you.  Your friend Pan, however, is another tale.  But as I recall, you were just along for the ride.  Correct?"  He smirked, knowing he was being rude and crass with the girl.  She hadn’t aged much, so he wondered where she’d been keeping herself for the time spent apart.  Perhaps an affect of having been in Neverland for as long as she was?  He didn’t know.

"I’ve no desire to resume plotting your demise, darling.  Though if you keep on with the accusations and ill treatment my direction, I might change my mind."  Bluffing, though he was, it did sound plausible.  He’d no desire to murder a child.  Frankly, had Pan been just a child and not the creature of the Shadow, Jones would have balked at attempting to end his life too.  But he was the Shadow’s, and that made him enemy.

He bowed and smirked at her, winking once.  ”I am saddened by your departure, lass.  I do wish you the best of whatever it is you are off to do.”

"For you maybe, which probably serves your best interest in putting past actions out of mind and memory." Wendy replied rather sharply, her voice crisp and clear. "Time flows differently in the varying realms, does it not? What has been centuries for you has been a mere 5 years for me." She explained, before a burning glare was set upon the pirate.

"Along for the ride, you say? I thought myself in love at that stage, naivety besting me, I admit, so, no. It was far from a ‘ride-along’." She growled, her manners seeming to diminish as she prolonged her presence within the company of Hook. Yet, though part of her was ordering for her to take her leave, idle curiosity kept her where she stood, and the childish longing for another adventure, the one she had kept hidden for so long, now began to flicker back to life.

"Why on Earth would you be saddened over my leaving. I’ve been nothing but rude to you?" She qustioned, chuckling despite herself before leaning against the nearest wall. "And what are you doing here in any case? I thought London would be far to boring for your standards."

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Drink it Away || scoundrelandapirate



She inhaled through her nose, unable to choose a drink, due to her lack of knowledge on the most suitable alcohol for her current mood. She only ever divulged in perhaps a glass or two of wine and even then, she had to be in a foul mood to appreciate it. But her attention was soon drawn from the selection behind the bar as the tender strolled towards her. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips, finding the Killian’s accent rather amusing.

"Good to you see you well, Killian." She greeted politely before slumping somewhat onto the bar, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. “You know, I actually haven’t the foggiest idea…" The brunette drawled with a long sigh, her gaze flitting across the alcohol behind the before landing upon Killian, almost pleadingly. 

"What would you suggest?"

“Bad day, I see.” He stated sympathetically before leaning one arm against the counter. He grabbed the nearest beverage menu and placed it down in front of Wendy. “Well, there are a variety of selections to choose from. From wines to others such a beer or a few margaritas. If you’re feeling a bit down something strong is probably best. I’d suggest the Irish Mead.” Killian pointed at the drink on the menu before moving down several rows to his favorites. “Although I’ve always prefer the rum myself or even the house special, The Roger Beer, but it all depends on what you like taste wise.” He answered before leaning away to greet a few recent customers that came in through the front door.

He was grateful for the steady flow of customers that had been appearing for the evening shift. With a soft smile towards his new customers he turned his attention back to Wendy. “See anything that sounds pleasing? I can always come back in a bit once you’re ready, lass.”

"That obvious, huh?" Her lips curved into a weak smile that held long enough to confirm his statement before dropping her eyes as she let out a sigh, shoulders slumping as her fingers drifted across the worktop. Her gaze soon flickered up as the menu was set in front of her and her brow furrowed. She hadn’t any idea what half the drinks were on that menu, let alone how they tasted. It was probably best just to trust Killian’s opinion. Wendy cringed slightly before glancing up at the bartender and offered a sheepish grin once he’d turned back to face her. 

"No, it’s okay. I’ll have whatever you suggested; the Irish Mead?" She replied, placing the menu down before straightening her posture and flattening down any stray hairs atop her head. 

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'Let's Kill Hook' || ahookandhisshadow


"Mm Peter makes everything seem easy… especially running away." He rolled his eyes, but their was a hint of truth caught up in it.

The two did their merry dance of fighting— swords clashing and glances tossed. He then moved so there were a few barrels gathered between them. He began to circle them with her. “Leverage?” He chuckled, “You imply that you intend to see me again then?” As she continued however, his smirk turned to mild curiosity and concern. His head slowly arched back as he considered the circumstance. So… this was he second time meeting him? Next time would be his last… and by the sound of it… it wasn’t a pleasing experience. For now he’d hide that sadness though— why dwell when he had the pleasure of seeing her here and now? Make to the most of it… right? “My apologies, love.” He murmured quietly, yet with a certain coldness to him. He looked around, unable to lie to her face upon the next thought, “Pirate life and all. Shouldn’t trust a pirate. First rule. I always lie.” He then looked to her again.

Her last thought made him lean against a barrel toward her, half heartily pointing his sword at her, “Oh you’re a little late. My heart’s been ripped out by a wretched old crocodile of a man. But a deal nonetheless.” HE smirked again.

Frustration was near seared into the glare Wendy shot at the pirate dancing around the barrels with her. He was flirting with her? Even after her heartfelt confession behind her request! That wasn’t how it was meant to work. In the stories she read, after such a confession the characters would reconcile with themselves before the battle was taken onto a whole new level. Why couldn’t this man just follow the rules for once?!

"Honestly, you’re ridiculous." The brunette sighed, more to herself than him, her sword twirling as she relaxed her body posture ever-so-slightly. It wasn’t until he leant towards her, albeit separated by the barrels, that she tensed up and blinked her large eyes at him.

"Ripped out? That’s not even…" Wendy cut herself short realising that that trying to apply her world’s logic to magic was absurd and foolish. Who knows? Maybe his heart was kept in a chest at the bottom of the ocean he loved so dearly. That would make for a wonderful plot line. He more likely meant that he feelings had been crushed by someone or something. Her thoughts were interrupted when her stomach coiled as her gaze fell upon the smirk on his lips, and the lady couldn’t stop the blush decorating her heated cheeks.

"E-Enough of this! Let’s finish up, I wish to be home in time for tea!" Wendy blurted out, before shoving the barrels towards Killian. 

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Cuddle Buddy…thing…


He let out a light chuckle as he heard the laugh, shaking his head slightly with a smile as he drove them to his flat.


She turned her head to the side, gazing at scenery flying past, as she adjusted her hold around Teddy’s waist, feeling confident as she released one arm and held it up in the air. 

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"Sherlock Holmes. My, a lot of company today."


"Wendy Darling."

"Pleasure to meet you, Detective."

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“Okay, it’s this way.” Wendy pointed to her left before doing as told and began to lead the fairy to her home. “Has Peter come to find you yet?” She questioned, just to pass time. 


She started to follow, but almost stopped at her question, her expression dropping.

" .. I don’t know." 


"Oh…" Wendy was immediately flooded with guilt and bowed her head as she walked, a cringe throbbing upon her features. "I’m sorry, Tink. That was insensitive." 

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But I’ll get a new one. Come back for the hope that you’ve stolen

But I’ll get a new one. Come back for the hope that you’ve stolen

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She had chosen to return back to Neverland. Despite hearing her parents didn’t want her, deep down she knew it was a lie but she had wanted to return to Neverland after she came back. The reunion was happy and she wouldn’t miss the moment but soon after reality had kicked in and she was still forced to grow up, a business she thought she was ready for but wasn’t. The part that had taken over her was her need to return that clouded her judgement. However she was happy. She had no worries and she was always able to have fun and tell her stories.

Wendy formed a small smile at her older self. “Mother and father did always consider my happiness and even they were able to tell I was miserable.” She said. “I just hope they know I am happy.” She nodded.


“Well there are disadvantages and advantages to everything.” She smiled. “I might not get to have the adult privelages but I’m happy staying a child.” At least as a child she could carefree and in Neverland she didn’t have anyone telling her what to do. When hearing she thought Peter may have forgotten her her smile faltered. “I don’t believe he had forgotten about you.” She admitted. “I think your Peter forgot about you. Like he said he’d never forget.” She smiled at her as the memory returned to her.

Wendy felt her heart throb but the pain was slowing and easing, instead allowing comfort to sink into her sadness that had forced her into such a grown state, her repsonsibilities that had worn into her bones now seeming to melt away, as if she were shedding this for a new younger skin, her childhood sparkling in her eyes once more. Even that hidden kiss ironically seemed more evident in the smile that painted a gentle elegance onto her face.

"Thank you." She gently breathed, her hands falling in front of her where she entwined her fingers together, her gaze flicking down to meet the other’s. Such a simple thing; words. And the reminder of Peter’s promise was almost enough to lift her into the air. Grateful for this reasuurance, Wendy soon relaxed her posture and allowed her smile to grow. "Just a thought, perhaps you could send Mother and Father gifts? Just to let them know that you remember them, and that you’re happy. I don’t doubt they’d appreciate it."

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False Deck || my-more-colorful-moniker


"Ah!"  He pointed at her, a slightly vicious smile lifting his lips.  He knew he’d recognized her.  "Mistress Darling.  Bosom companion of that blasted brat Pan, yes?"  He chuckled darkly and shook his head.  It suddenly made a lot of sense as to why she’d been so hateful toward him.  And yes, he’d deserved it.  He wouldn’t deny to having made their time in Neverland an abysmal nightmare.  But they had returned the favor many times over.

"I do remember you quite well.  Tell me, where is your friend?  You have aged, so I am to assume you’ve chosen to leave the enchanted shores? I have been gone quite a long time, so I’ve lost contact and concern for the workings of the realm."  He smirked, and considered offering her a drink.  After all, she was on his ship.  And while he would dearly love tossing her overboard to watch her sputter and squawk in the icy cold water, he was not a poor host.  She was aboard out of simple miscalculation, not to pillage his wares.

Or was she?

"So tell me, lass, what brings you aboard my vessel?  Hmm?  Not looking to make amends with a grouchy old pirate, are you?"

Wendy was taken aback by the finger jutted at her, her eyes widening for a split second as a scorn painted her lips with disdain; pointing was never considered a polite gesture. Irked by his observation, Wendy turned her head away and folded her arms across her chest, in an attempt to block out his presence, difficult as it was. 

"Yes, I left Neverland. A mistake on my own behalf." She stated simply, her eyes dropping to the floor as memories and past-times began to leak into her conscious thoughts. Her gaze sharpened as she realised this and she pulled up her walls again to focus a fierce  glare on the pirate. 

"I shan’t be making amends unless you start the procedure. Then again, I do recall you attempting to kill me, so I may be hesitant." She replid curtly, raising her brow as she offered a sickly sweet smile, obviously false yet smothered in honey. "In any case, I’ve simply boarded the wrong ship, and  I have a meeting to get to, so this is where the pleasantries end, I’m afraid."